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  "The brochure is excellent.
Compliance approved it as is.
I absolutely love what you have done. The response from my
referral sources, friends, and clients have all been very favorable.
I believe this will be one of the best (if not the best) investments
I have ever made in my business. Thanks again."
--Al Deininger, CFP


     The success -- or failure -- of any business is more often determined by the quality of the marketing than by the quality of the product or service.  That means, when you want to increase your sales, you want an effective, persuasive sales brochure.  Why?   Comparative testing proves (and surveys of business executives confirm) sales brochures are the most cost-effective form of marketing. 

            For the last 20 years, I have specialized in sales literature.  I have written over one thousand brochures -- each one based on extensive research with the client and the client's customers -- collected as much feedback as possible from my clients, and analyzed the results.  Every week, I mail several thousand pieces of literature to continually test what works and what doesn't.  The bottom line is, I keep you from having to reinvent the wheel.

            How much do you want to increase sales?  Set your goal, then determine your marketing budget.   According to national statistics, marketing budgets of growing companies average about 10% of revenue, meaning a realistic goal of increased sales is about 10 times your marketing budget.  If your fear of loss exceeds your desire for gain, marketing may not be for you.  You can't steal second base without taking your foot off the bag at first base.

"To whom it may concern:  I must admit that it was a small stretch to trust people I had never met to develop
a new marketing strategy for my dental lab.  After just one conversation with Warren I knew that he was the man for the job.
Warren's explanation of how it would unfold was very settling so I agreed to let he and Debbie do their thing.
They asked the right questions in order to make sure they understood exactly what I wanted
and how they would bring my wishes to fruition.  I was amazed at how everything just fell into place.
If you are in need of new business I would highly recommend Warren and Debbie Rosaluk.
Regards, JED Lambeth"

-- SMILES, 1-10-13

"It really works! Your advertising only tells part of the story.  The personal brochure
you created for me provides instant impact.  When I hand clients the brochure,
they immediately begin reading the profile. Most every client remarks, "This is great."
And I know they will recommend me because their opinion is validated by the brochure.
During the first 30 days of use, I recaptured 80% of my total cost to produce the brochure
from commissions on loans originated by brochure referrals. Your professional
guidance, wordsmith expertise and final products are outstanding.
Please accept my sincere appreciation for your role in my success."

-- George M. Olson, CMB

"We mailed 2300 brochures, got 70 responses,
and closed over $1 million dollars in
new business from your brochure."

-- Frank Horwich, SECUTRON

"Warren Rosaluk has a unique, professional style of marketing
that has proven to be prolific.  His approach has provided me with a level
of satisfaction and trust I have become accustomed to.  Warren's results
are predictable, allowing me the privilege of feeling I receive my money's worth.
I found Warren to be the best marketing tool I have discovered
in the past thirty five years of my business."

-- Dennis McFerrin, Universal Dental Arts, Inc.

            Let me show you the benefits of stealing second.  Let me show you  5 Ways to Grow Your Business -- and your profits.  After that, hard core skeptics will visit every single page of this site.  The rest of you should, too.  Else you will always wonder what you missed.

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